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    About Me

Hello, I'm Laura! And I am so excited you're here!


I believe that thoughts equal results.

If you want to DO differently you need to CHOOSE differently.

Doing = Happiness. 

My passion is the holistic approach to maximizing physical and nutritional health. 


As a nutritional therapy practitioner, physical therapist and ex-dancer I am very aware of what health and nutrition, and lack there of, can foster. I have witnessed the professional dancer's body breakdown after trying to subsist on bananas, coffee, snickers bars and cigarettes. I observe, daily, the devastation of metabolic and lifestyle diseases resulting in cardiovascular and neuromuscular compromise, not to mention instant traumatic change to a patient's life. As a geriatric specialist I understand the effects of aging on activity tolerance. 

My combined 40 years of dancing and physical therapy laid the foundation for me to pursue holistic nutrition. However, I have always loved everything about learning about food. I read cookbooks like novels. Farm to table chefs have always been celebrities to me, even before the popularity of cooking competitions on television. I wrote a book (see My Book) in 2020 that focuses on why we need to be aware of where our food comes from, the benefits of shopping local, staying away from processed foods with lots of unpronounceable ingredients, and all about organic vs not, amongst other topics.

I get super excited when I talk about food and figuring out the gaps in a lifestyle process - where things have gone awry and how they can be fixed. {Hint: usually with more protein, less sugar and more sleep.}


If we are what we eat, I sure as heck don't want to be labeled anything less than nutritiously balanced, local, high quality, simply but thoughtfully prepared, and, of course, delicious. What about you? 

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